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Art is Everywhere

Krafty Kids 

Epic Fun!

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 Krafty Kids , our mission is to spark imagination, one glitter glue and googly eye at a time! We’re on a colorful quest to nurture creativity, celebrate uniqueness, and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary masterpieces. Let’s craft joy together!” 🌟🎨✨This book full of krafts helps mom and dads to keep their creative kids occupied with these fun krafty things to do that parents can easily find inexpensively at such stores as the Dollar Store or Dollar Tree.    

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Get Krafty and Unlock Your Child's Creativity with Our Kraft Book!

Click The Button Below And Give Me Your Best Email  to “Unlock a world of imagination and creativity with the Krafty Kid Craft Book! Packed with delightful projects, easy-to-follow instructions, and oodles of colorful inspiration, this book turns rainy afternoons into magical art adventures. Parents, get ready to witness giggles, proud smiles, and cherished memories as your little artists explore their crafty superpowers!” 🌟🎨✨

Parents should buy the Krafty Kid Craft Book because it:

Fosters Creativity: Encourages kids to think outside the crayon box and express themselves through hands-on crafts.

Builds Confidence: Completing craft projects boosts self-esteem and a sense of accomplishment.

Quality Bonding Time: Crafting together creates precious moments and strengthens parent-child connections.

Screens Off, Creativity On: A screen-free alternative that sparks joy and keeps young minds engaged.

​With Endless Fun! 🌈👧🧒

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Okema and Nicole

We are a mom and daughter team.  Since I was a little girl my mom was always into the krafts.  On her off days she would spend time with me and my brother to do all types of arts and krafts.  I loved those times together.  We were an artistic family.  We didn't have much money to do things, so she found things around the house that we can create and turn it into art.  She even use to design and sow my clothes when I was in elementary school.  The artist and krafter I am today is because of her.  I've been through a lot in my life as a child and as an adult.  I've been through breast cancer and many other things.  But the love of art has helped me through to keep me occupied through some challenges and art has always made my heart smile.  Which is why I had worked so hard to open a gift shop for my mom.  She has always wanted to do something like this, so it was my mission to give it to her.  Now this will keep her occupied during her retirement, lol. But in all reality this will be something we both love to do together.  This is why we also created this kraft book for parents to have that quality time through art and krafts with their kids.   To experience the joy my mom and I had as a child.  Our "I Arted" t-shirt is a fun starter for them to express their artistic self.  Art is love, Art is fun, Art is everything, and Art is everywhere.

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Art makes our heart smile



Proven Outcomes


 My daughter and I love doing these crafts together.  I love the quality time we spend being creative.  P.S she loves the I Arted shirt too.

Liz , CT


 My son is 4 and not yet in school.  This craft book is a life saver.  When I can't think of anything else to do with him, I pull out this book and we create. Sometimes its hard to non stop be creative in finding things to do, so this book helps a lot.  And I can find most of these things around the house or at the dollar store.  He loves the activities too. Not to mention the "I Arted" shirt.  He laughs every time he wears it, lol. Can't wait for the next book.

Michelle, CA


 I got this book for when my grandchildren come over.  They love this book and the items are easy to find around the house or at the dollar store. Great book and it also came with a kit of one of the craft activities.  That was an amazing touch.  

Evora, CA


All Our Products

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Krafty Kids Kraft e-book

The Krafty Kid Kraft e-book

  • ​Awesome thing/Benefit 1, so you can...spend quality time with your kid
  • Awesome thing/Benefit 2, so you can...have fun being creative with your kid
  • ​Awesome thing​/Benefit 3, so you can...get things done around the house while they do crafts that they can do themselves
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I Arted T-Shirt 

This t-shirt is a fun expression of art.  Even though the I Arted is a play on word to I Farted.  The shirt shows the paint splatters of an artistic being.  Being free to create to their own imagination. 

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Click The Button Below And Give Me Your Best Email Address To Get the Krafty Kids e-book, and get an "I Arted" kids t-shirt for free.